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A Shotgun Wedding in 1920s New York

I had needed to get out of St John.

The month of April 1917 had been incredibly stressful on all levels.

On the global level, President Wilson had called for war on Germany, and on April 6, the US Congress had declared it. I had no idea what this was going to mean for St John and its residents. All I knew was that I was living in dread of what fresh horrors I would read about in the daily newspaper.

In my personal world, I had played 8 gigs in 9 days at the beginning of the month and then played 4 gigs in 4 days at the end of the month. I had hosted the 3rd Court of Carntaigh Presentation Ball and celebrated my 11 years in Second Life. I had not managed this many events and gigs in such a short time since 1908.

In the midst of that crazy work schedule, I had new opportunities with old friends. I had existing bonds of friendship strengthened. And in one case, I had not only broken a bond with someone that I had loved very much, but I had watched a year of beautiful memories go up in fl…