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Homestead Available in St John

Would you like to lease a homestead sim in St John? I have one opening in about a week. The one-time purchase price is $14,000 L and weekly tier is $8200 L. That weekly tier amount just covers the $125 USD monthly bill I pay to LL for it. I do not profit from the sim.

Also, we will need to rename the sim and can coordinate that together. If you are interested in leasing it for your home or business, please let me know!

Mercredi des Cendres

Happy Ash Wednesday! So, who has a hangover today? I, thankfully, am not hung over, although I am tired!

Well St John, we had four wonderful days of celebrations! Now it is time for me to thank everyone who helped make St John Mardi Gras 1917 possible.

Thank you to Kitty for assisting me with decorations on public land throughout St John! Real life had me in its clutches this month and so this really helped me!

Thank you to Eve, whose parade scripts from last year made this year's parade the best we have ever had in terms of performance! Yes, we had occasional float collisions, but overall this was by far the best parade I have run in my 8 virtual Mardi Gras' since 2009.

Thank you to Ava and Bliss and everyone at Sugah's for providing top notch parties all day long on Saturday and Sunday! They really kicked off Mardi Gras with a bang for St John and I am so grateful to them for that, and for all that they do week in and week out.

Thank you to Edward Pearse for making ti…