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New Toulouse Featured in Machinima

I am feeling extremely proud. Take a look at this wonderful machinima that Mark O'Dwyer, a Digital Media Design student at the University of Limerick, created.

The beautiful setting is New Toulouse, which is what it is because of me, Mr. Eclectric Breitman and the many talented residents. I think this video shows the time, effort, creativity and yes, love, that has gone into this community.

Spoils from the Scramble

The 2012 New Toulouse Egg Scramble has just completed in the "rural" New Toulouse sims (Bayou, Algiers, Pontchartrain, Crescent) and I would like to give you a peek at some of the goodies that the residents provided this year. Most of the eggs are still out, so come by and get them before they disappear!

Here I am wearing Lilith Ivory's Beidermeier Flower dress with a texture-change straw boater hat! You can change the straw texture for the hat itself; the linen hat band/bow changes colors as well. 
The lovely rustic gazebo was created by Orinoco Beresford. Allyah Nayar created the "relaxation rug" on which Loken and I are sitting. The bench under the maple tree and the urn planter are both from Fox Nacht.
Jarry provided the perfect vintage Blue Bayou sign. On the table, the tulips are by Fox Nacht and the chess set is from Litta Nightfire. Cee Edman created the standing desk and the candle on top of it is by Amadeo1499.

Have I mentioned lately how much…

Results of the SL RFL Survey

I have created a presentation of the results from the SL RFL Survey that I recently conducted. Here is the presentation; however you can find .pdf files with the summaries of the feedback from the two questions that elicited the most on my survey site:

The New Toulouse Egg Scramble

It's time for the Second Annual New Toulouse Egg Scramble, which is happening in New Toulouse from April 1st through April 9th, 2012!

The Egg Scramble is our version of an Easter Egg Hunt. It is NOT a "typical Second Life hunt". The residents of New Toulouse have placed colorful, one-of-a-kind eggs that contain gifts throughout the rural NT sims.

Stroll through romantic Algiers. Roll up your pants and slog the lush bayou. Row through the romantic isles in beautiful Pontchartrain and Crescent. There are beautiful eggs hidden throughout. If you see one, grab it and enjoy not only the lovely eggs but also the fabulous freebies therein.

(NT rural sims = New Toulouse Bayou, New Toulouse Algiers, New Toulouse Pontchartrain, New Toulouse Crescent)

Grab a free chocolate egg boat for easy travel in the water sims! You will find one at every telehub.

Starting Locations: - head North from the train station into pastora…