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God Yule!

I wish you all good health and much happiness! Here are some pictures (taken by Baron Klaus Wulfenbach) at the 6th Annual Yule Bonfire, at which Loken and I partnered.
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The 6th Annual Yule Bonfire...and a Partnering

The Ladies Serra and Gabrielle cordially invite you to The 6th Annual Yule Bonfire from 7:00pm - 11:00pm SLT at the Stone Circle in Winterfell Anodyne
Music will be simulcast on both Radio Riel Main and Radio Riel Reverie.

You are also invited to witness the partnering of Gabrielle and Loken at 9:30pm SLT.

Splendor in the Snow

Ladies and gentlemen,

Captain Starling Alecto and I cordially invite you to an evening of magic and music unlike anything you will see or hear elsewhere this holiday season. Please join us for:

Splendor A Wintry Ball of Sparkling Elegance Friday, December 16, 2011 from 7:00 - 9:00pm SLT at l'Hôtel Spiritueaux, New Toulouse Bourbon
Formal Attire Classical music by Gabrielle Riel on Radio Riel New Toulouse
SLURL for the Hôtel Spiritueaux:

Protection, Again

I stood on the balcony of La Maison Riel in New Toulouse Bourbon and looked up at the moon over the water.

Dear Moon, it's been so long. I am a little afraid. It's been so long since I have done this and the energy is so strong. So strong here in New Toulouse.

And I am tired. So very tired.

I closed my eyes and breathed in the strength of New Toulouse. Don't be afraid of it Gabi, I said to myself. Don't fear it. Ride it. Ride it like you ride the music. The music is so strong here.

Then, I exhaled.

I began to speak...

Hear me Knights of Carntaigh past, Knights of the ancient law.
Hear me dead Knights of an English tongue.

Hear me Knights lost in battle, whose blade did good.
Hear me Knights of old, hear me Knights of lost souls.

This night I invoke thee.
I summon thee to my arms aid.

Hear me Knights, a new cause be given.
Your body gone now spirit be.

Hear me dead Knights I invoke thee.
By your spirit blade I invoke you.

By your might I invoke you.
By your spir…

Vote for Radio Riel!

Please join us on Sunday, Dec. 4th, beginning at 10am SLT to 10pm SLT, for 12 hours of solid programming from a mix of Radio Riel DJ's at the Edison Ball Room in New Toulouse Bourbon, as we celebrate Radio Riel's Nomination and Vote for Radio Riel as Best SL Radio.

Tune in on

10AM-12PM-Carter Denja
12PM-1PM-Soliel Snook
1-2PM-Off The Shelf
2PM-4PM-Elrik Merlin
4PM-6PM-Gabrielle Riel
6PM-8PM-Mitsu Figaro
8PM-10PM-Edward Pearse

Voting is ongoing at:

Winners will be announced during the Avi Choice Awards Show held at The Relay for Life Christmas Expo, in the Silent Night Lodge, time to be determined  on December 10th.