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Invitation to the Caledon Fourth Anniversary Balls


Gen X with Gabi: The Request Show

Image's "Generation X with Gabrielle" in Caledon Mayfair!  Unfortunately this will be the last in the Terpsichore Tuesday series, as our host's (Lord Steadman Kondor) actual world schedule has changed.  Fear not though, Steadman plans on setting up a new day/time for his wonderful Mayfair events, and we will include "Gen X with Gabi" in the mix!

Please join the Duke of Caledon Mayfair and the Duchess of Caledon Carntaigh tonight from 6:00pm - 7:30pm SLT at the Town Hall in Caledon Mayfair ( for "Gen X with Gabi: The Requests"! I'm taking all requests for this show, so please IM, Tweet, Plurk, Comment or email me with one Gen X song that you want to hear.  I will play, and acknowledge, your request during the show.

To listen to the show on my stream:

1.  Open a media player (iTunes, WinAmp, Windows Media etc.).

2.  Find its "Open Stream" or "Open URL" feature.


The New Toulouse Formal Mardi Gras Balls

Mesdames et Messieurs
Madame la Ministre des Prims, Gabrielle Riel Vous Invite aux Bals Officiels de Mardi Gras de la Nouvelle Toulouse
Mardi, le 16 février à la Salle de Bal de la Bibliothèque Toussaint l'Ouverture
Premier Bal - 13:30h à 15:00h SLT Deuxième Bal - 19:30h à 21:00h SLT
S'il vous plaît, habillez-vous en tenue de cérémonie

Ladies and Gentlemen
Madame Prim Minister, Gabrielle Riel Invites You to the New Toulouse Formal Mardi Gras Balls
Tuesday, February 16 at the Toussaint l'Ouverture Library Ballroom
First Ball - 1:30pm - 3:00pm SLT Second Ball - 7:30pm - 9:00pm SLT
Formal attire please

Goodbye Edison

It is with great sorrow that I must announce that I will be closing Edison within the next week. As much as I loved the sim that was my was not supporting itself financially.  There is good news in this though. I am converting the Edison Hypatia sim into New Toulouse's third sim, New Toulouse Bayou. So I am not losing the sim, just moving it into the NT Community.

Radio Riel Headquarters, the Edison Ballroom and my home with Azul will eventually move to New Toulouse's fourth sim (New Toulouse Jardin). Edison residents Ambrose Anthony, Hypatia Dejavu and Soliel Snook will join us in Jardin as well.  I do not currently have an estimated time of arrival for New Toulouse Jardin, which will be based on the actual world New Orleans Garden District.

I need to get New Toulouse Bayou in place and settled before I start the planning for Jardin.  I'll have a model of Jardin in Laveau Square for reservations in about 2 weeks.  I am submitting the ticket for the sim move a…

Ah, que je suis si fière de vous tous!

Dear Residents of New Toulouse,

I must tell you how extraordinarily proud I am of all of you during this exciting time for our community.  You have been simply fabulous. Planning and executing events for Mardi Gras, welcoming visitors to the sims who are participating in Miss Niki's Murder Mystery Hunt, and enthusiastically supporting the planning phase for our third sim, New Toulouse Bayou.

It has not been an easy road to get here, and I thank those of you that stuck with me after I purchased the sims from Mama Cree, and I thank those of you that moved to New Toulouse in the last year.  It's because of YOU that New Toulouse survived and thrives today.  I am so grateful to you all, because there were times in the last year when I wondered if we were going to make it.  I never publicly shared my fears because I am the type of person who will keep working to make something happen...until it's clear that it will make it, or not.  We skirted the edge, but I never got to the po…

Introducing...New Toulouse Bayou!

Two years ago, Carricre Wind, Mama Cree, created the community of New Toulouse, which is based on New Orleans at the turn of the 19th and 20th Centuries.

One year ago, I, with financial backing from several generous "Angels", stepped in to keep the community alive when Mama Cree had to relinquish ownership of New Toulouse.

Today, I am thrilled to announce that the community of New Toulouse is growing!  We are currently two sims, and are finally making the move to become three!

New Toulouse Bayou will be the third sim in the New Toulouse community.  It will sit on the grid directly west of New Toulouse Algiers.  I have not yet ordered the sim (as of Sunday, February 7), however I am taking reservations for parcels in it.  I need 80% of the sim reserved before I can place the order.  I can not provide an estimated time of arrival for the sim at this time, but I will keep you informed of its status via Group Notices in the Gens de New Toulouse Group and posts in the New Toulouse…

Rooms Available for Rent at Coughton Court

I am pleased to announce a new way to provide a residence to the people of Caledon.  My manor, Coughton Court, now has rooms for rent to ladies and gentlemen seeking genteel lodging in the Independent State of Caledon.

I have set aside 10 rooms in the East Wing with a variety of prim and pricing options:

Room 01 - 468 prims - $1000 L per week
Room 02 - 234 prims - $500 L per week
Room 03 - 234 prims - $500 L per week
Room 04 - 234 prims - $500 L per week
Room 05 - 234 prims - $500 L per week
Room 06 - 117 prims - $250 L per week (Occupied)
Room 07 - 117 prims - $250 L per week
Room 08 - 117 prims - $250 L per week
Room 09 - 117 prims - $250 L per week
Room 10 - 117 prims - $250 L per week

You can find the rental board, instructions and information in the entry hall of Coughton Court at the following SLURL:

These rooms are for people that would like to reside in Caledon, but who are perhaps new to the community or who are saving…