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O-bon Matsuri

During the year, Mitsu and Touma and I host traditional Japanese holiday events. In the Spring, it's the Hana Mi Matsuri. In the Fall, it's the Tsuki Mi Matsuri. And this year, I am thrilled that we have added the O-bon Matsuri to the schedule!

O-bon is the Japanese Buddhist holiday to honor the departed spirits of one's ancestors. It takes place in July or August, depending on if your community follows the lunar calendar or the Gregorian calendar. It features dancing, and if the festival is near water, people float Japanese lanterns on it in honor of their ancestors.

Last evening, we gathered in Edison Hypatia and danced to Mitsu's fabulous mix of traditional and contemporary Japanese music. And thanks to Frau Annechen Lowey, we had wonderful Japanese dances!

Many people requested that Mitsu post her playlist from the evening for further perusal. Here it is on the Radio Riel Blog:

Celebrants gather to …

It's baaack! Gen X with Gabrielle!

Once upon a time, I (Gabrielle) decided I wanted to be a DJ in Second Life. I approached the owners of T1 Radio, Trader Whiplash and Nuala Maracas, and pitched a show to them called "Gen X with Gabrielle". "Gen X", I said, was going to be music that was released (and/or popular) from 1980 - 1999...the years when Generation X ruled pop culture.

After several interviews, demos and discussions about format, Trader and Nuala agreed to running the show on T1 Radio, and on Sunday, January 21, 2007, I (terrified out of my wits) played the first ever "Gen X with Gabrielle".

During my interview process I had assured Trader and Nuala that I just wanted to be a DJ and to work for them. I had *no* desire to be the boss, and I was at their disposal for gigs...I just had these "once in awhile" Classical music events that I would play in big deal... *grins*

"Gen X with Gabrielle" ran on T1 Radio from Jan - June 2007. After Radio Riel launch…

The First Embassy for Edison and New Toulouse!

I am pleased to announce that New Toulouse and Edison have established formal diplomatic ties with The City of New Babbage. We now have an Embassy for our communities in Babbage Palisade.

The Embassy is located at Residents, you are welcome to treat our Embassy as your home away from home! Residents of New Babbage, please come visit!

Breakfast in Babbage!

On Saturday morning, Edward started his new monthly show at The Clarendon in New Babbage..."Breakfast in Babbage". This show was inspired by the Clockwinder's Rezday Party in May, which we had scheduled in the morning SLT as it is actually Edward's Saturday night in Australia! Poor Edward has been playing gigs for over 2 years at 10 o'clock in the morning his time. :-) We were so pleased with how the Clockwinder's rezday had gone, we decided to make a monthly event out of it, and to give Edward an opportunity and a venue to play his *crazy* music.

Of course there were several Weird Al tracks in the playlist. Other tracks that caused a stir: Leonard Nimmoy's "Bilbo Baggins" and the Red Army Chorus singing "Down Under". :-) A great crowd came out to dance the morning you can see by the pictures below.

The crowd gathers for 2 hours of weird, wild and wacky music on Radio Riel Steampunk

Elleon Bergamesco, Doc Wrangler and Wi…

A Minister of Prims...Undercover Part II

Author's Note: The alternate title for this should be "How Gabi became a Prim Minister and resident of New Babbage". This is my "history" from November until the present from a storyline perspective.

Continued from yesterday...

I woke up the next morning in Mama Cree's guest room, head throbbing, and not quite sure of where I was or what I was doing there. Ow...ow ow ow. I sat up and looked around, praying to find some water. There was a pitcher of water and an empty glass, and a stack of papers on the nightstand next to the bed. I thanked God and the person that had left the water there and poured myself a glass and drank deeply. Now what were these papers? I set the glass down and picked them up to read them.

I let out a shriek and then clamped my left hand to my aching head. I rubbed my eyes and then looked at the papers again. Oh good lord...Azul is going to kill me. The papers stated it quite clearly: I was now the leader of New Toulouse. Curses on New …

A Minister of Prims...Undercover Part I

Author's Note: The alternate title for this should be "How Gabi became a Prim Minister and resident of New Babbage". This is my "history" from November until the present from a storyline perspective.

Thursday, July 2

I adjusted the maid's cap on top of my head, and slid one last pin under it to ensure it would stay connected to the wig I was wearing. I really had this all down to a science now after several weeks of practice. I stepped back, smoothed the apron over my skirt and then looked into the mirror...

I did not recognize the woman who looked back. Light, tawny, brown hair pulled back around a face scrubbed clean of even the slightest hint of rouge. A somber and simple maid's uniform. I shifted my body as I cast my eyes down to the floor, trying to assume a servile posture. I smiled ruefully and said to myself: "Well Duchess, who knew that *this* was where you'd be 8 months after leaving Caledon."

Actually, it was what had happene…