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Radio Riel: Two Years!

June 1st is a special day in the Radio Riel calendar, for it is on this day, back in 2007, that the sound of Radio Riel was first heard across the regions of Caledon in Second Life. Since then, Radio Riel has become a significant broadcaster in Second Life and beyond, providing a 24-hour service bringing our own eclectic brand of music from the past, in-world and to the Internet at large, as well as providing music for entertainments across the grid along with educational and literary events.

Two years on, the station is now poised to take the next step in its development, opening up new audiences on the Internet and in emerging virtual environments. Exciting changes are ahead, which we will be announcing in full shortly.

In the meantime, come and join us for a special 24-hour live broadcast from The Clarendon in New Babbage - - where many of our presenters will be playing the music they love, and that you can hear from day to day on …

Ocean Crossing

I stared up at the rich oak ceiling of the stateroom. Yep. Still there. Just as it had been for the last two days.

I rolled on to my side, staying under the covers of the bed that I had not left for the aforementioned two days. Across the stateroom, on the opposite wall, Azul sat at a desk, head bent over her books, immersed in her study. I closed my eyes, pulled the covers tighter and sighed. tired. The last two days felt more like 2 hours to me, although that's basically what they had been as I had only been awake that long over the last 48.

I had been completely disoriented when I had initially awoke in this bed, in this stateroom. I did not even realize that I was on a ship at first. I blinked groggily around the luxurious room, wondering in whose manor I was, and if I had imbibed too much Champagne at a Ball and I had been put to bed in a guest room.

But then Azul's face had appeared above me, her blue eyes intense with worry.

"Gabi...Gabi? Oh thank go…

Nightmare for a Nightingale

October 27, 2008

I stepped off the train at Carntaigh station, struggling with the many boxes and shopping bags that filled my arms. Oh I am going to pay for my shopping frenzy on earth am I going to make it from the station to Coughton Court without losing one of these bags or boxes! I blew the stray strand of hair that had escaped my pompadour off of my face, took a deep breath and proceeded carefully up the cobblestone path towards my home.

I really should have asked Mr. Piedpiper or Shauni to come with me to assist with these bags..but I did not know I was going to find so many wonderful gowns for the upcoming holiday season! I smiled to myself thinking of the stunning red and black "Miss Gabrielle" that Miss Demina had completely surprised me with when I visited her shop. I would save that one for the Realm of the Roses Holiday Balls...

I was so lost in thought, dreamily imagining the Holiday Balls and simultaneously trying to keep all of the bags and boxes b…

Soliel's Second Rezday Celebrations

Dear friends and Riel Audiophiles, you are cordially invited to Soliel Snook's Second Rezday celebrations on Tuesday, May 12, 2009.

Euro/UK Event: 12:30pm-2:00pm SLT
Location: Giverny (

North American Event: 6:00pm-7:30pm SLT
Location: City of Enoch (

The music for the events will be on our Event Stream: .

These events are both casual. Attire is anything in which you feel comfortable, however please note that the North American event is in a PG Sim.

Radio Riel Land for Sale in Caledon

Radio Riel is selling 2 parcels of land in Caledon I, each 4096 sq. m.

Parcel 1:

A premium Caledon location. The parcel on the Northeast corner of the Caledon I telehub.

4096 sq. m. parcel - Single Prim (937)

Rental Rights Cost = $40,000 L (@ $10 L per sq. m., exactly what I paid for it)

Tier = $1500 L per week


Parcel 2:

Caledon I parcel, southeast central part of the sim on the lake.

4096 sq. m. parcel - Single Prim (937)

Rental Rights Cost = $40,000 L (@ $10 L per sq. m., exactly what I paid for it)

Tier = $1500 L per week


IM or email Gabrielle Riel ( for more details.