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Riel Raves - Today

You want a REAL rave? I'm going to give it to you. Get ready for THE original music of the late 80s and early 90s raves...acid house and techno. Dial up your source, get some stuff...and let's go.

I am celebrating the two year anniversary of my debut as a DJ in Caledon on Tuesday, October 28 by raving. There are two events from which you can choose, depending on your time zone:

12-2pm SLT for my friends on the east side of the Atlantic

7:30-9:30pm SLT for my friends on the west side of the Atlantic

In order to avoid a bust, in true rave tradition, I am not revealing the location of the parties. You will need to go to a specifc location on the day of the party to get the LM for where I will be.

Euro/UK Ravers go here for your LM -

North/South Americans go here for your LM -

New Look Almost Complete

Well, after much behind the scenes drama and ripping out of hair, I *finally* have my new template applied to my blog! I am not quite done yet, as I am not happy with some of the elements. For example, the way the post date and title smush together, and the fact that my text at the top here has no padding. I'll tweak some more...but this is the new look. :-)

Geek Gabi

The Pride of Caledon...

Photo by Reghan Straaf

Dear Citizens of Caledon,

Time and time again, we have shown the residents of Second Life the power of our community. The Caledon RFL 2008 Team inspired us to achieve 2nd Place in team donations. Linden Labs selected Caledon as a portal for new members of Second Life, thereby creating Caledon Oxbridge, because Caledon is the best example of a strong community in Second Life. We are now presented with another opportunity to show the grid at large what Caledon is capable of when put to the test...

Our own, beloved Library Director, Sir JJ Drinkwater has made it to the semi finals of Iris Ophelia's (of New World Notes) "Hottest Male Avatar of 2008" contest. JJ made it through the first round of Now we need to ensure he wins a spot in the Top 10. Voting is at from now until the end of November. Vote today. Vote tomorrow. Vote as often as you can until November…

Under Construction!

Pardon my dust, but I am in the midst of working on a new look for "Caledon & Carntaigh au Courant". Most of my sidebar information and widgets are missing. I hope to have the new look and feel applied here soon.

The Nightingale