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The Orange Blossom Ball - March 26, 12:00pm - 3:00pm

Orange Island cordially invites you to
The Orange Blossom Ball
Wednesday, March 26
12:00pm - 3:00pm SLT
Orange 4 Sim

This is a formal Victorian Ball with 11 dances and dance cards. Dancing commences at 12:15pm SLT. Formal, Victorian attire requested. Music and commentary provided by Her Grace, Gabrielle Riel, The Duchess of Caledon Carntaigh and Hosted by Lady Soliel Snook, both of Radio Riel. (

Orange Island is a community of 4 sims owned by the British multimedia company, Orange, which has established a presence in Second Life to share, engage, and build community. One of the ways Orange seeks to meet these goals is by holding events that enhance the lives of Second Life Residents. Orange is also interested in exploring community development opportunities and admires Caledon for their success in establishing their beautiful community in Second Life. Learn more about Orange Island and their events at http://www.oran…

Gen X with Gabrielle: Erasure!!!

It's a biweekly Thursday...that's time for "Generation X with Gabrielle"! Come down to The Timeless Underground tonight from 6:00pm - 8:00pm SLT for the party, or tune in at !

Click the following SLURL to teleport to The Timeless Underground:

Tonight, it's a show that Gabrielle has been planning for over a year - 2 full hours of nothing but songs from her favorite band of all time....ERASURE!

From our buddy, Mr. Wikipedia:

Erasure is a synth pop duo band consisting of keyboardist Vince Clarke and singer Andy Bell.

Erasure entered the music scene in 1985 with their debut single "Who Needs Love Like That" (see 1985 in music). They established themselves on the British charts and became one of the most successful artists of the late 1980s and early 1990s.

From 1986 to 1997, Erasure achieved twenty-four consecutive Top 20 hits in the UK. By 2007, 34 of their 40 singles ha…

Tea at Coughton Court

You are cordially invited to Tea at Coughton Court in Caledon Carntaigh this evening at 6:00pm SLT.

The purpose of this evening is for Caledonians to gather, talk and get to know each other in a comfortable setting. Current events in Caledon, History of Caledon..or any questions about Caledon are welcome topics!

You can join us by using the following SLURL: